Bombardier Aircraft Training

Industry Leading Training Network

Bombardier Aircraft Training provides complete flight crew and maintenance training services. We provide pilots and technicians with the most up-to-date training on Bombardier aircraft, systems and configurations. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, we quickly modify courseware and training equipment to reflect ongoing enhancements to our aircraft.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our comprehensive and personalized training solutions meet all regulatory requirements and each customer’s specific needs. Bombardier aircraft training is delivered at:

  • Bombardier operated facilities in Canada and United States
  • Customer sites worldwide using our portable training systems
  • CAE Authorized Training Provider sites in the Dallas, New Jersey, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands.

Bombardier training centres are FAA Part 142 training facilities, EASA and Transport Canada type-rating training organizations. Our state-of-the-art training programs and methods provide trainees with a rich learning environment that is realistic, safe and successful. To achieve this, we use:

  • Fixed-base simulators
  • Full-flight simulators
  • Advanced computer-based training systems

Two Partners, One Mission

We partner with CAE SimuFlite, a leader in advanced aviation training for 20 years, to provide industry-leading training worldwide.

Through this partnership, mixed-fleet operators access a complete training solution for virtually all business aircraft. CAE is also our authorized training provider for the Challenger 300, Challenger 604 and 605, Global 5000/6000 and Global Express / XRS aircraft.

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