Business Aircraft Regional Support Offices

Bombardier Customer Services & Support is committed to expanding its customer support network around the world through its Regional Support Offices (RSOs).  The RSOs serve as locally-based links to Bombardier's network of highly-skilled teams.  These offices also work in close collaboration with Bombardier's maintenance network, parts distribution hubs and regional depots.

The Bombardier RSOs provide a nexus of support functions and are staffed by a combination of RSO Managers, Field Service Representatives (FSRs), Customer Service Account Managers (CSAMs), Customer Liaison Pilots (CLPs) and Mobile Response Teams (MRTs).

Today, Bombardier Business Aircraft customers benefit from 15 RSO locations in 12 countries:

Munich, Germany – since 2015
Toluca, Mexico – since 2014
Johannesburg, South Africa – since 2013
Farnborough, UK – since 2012
Fort Lauderdale, Florida – since 2012
Hartford, Connecticut – since 2012
Moscow, Russia (LLC Bombardier Aerospace Services Russia) – since 2012
Shanghai, China – since 2012
Tucson, Arizona – since 2012
São Paulo, Brazil – since 2011
Singapore – since 2011
Sydney, Australia – since 2011
Hong Kong, China– since 2011
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – since 2010
Mumbai, India – since 2010


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