SmartFix Plus

With the increasing complexity of aircraft systems and parts comes greater need for practical tools to help maintenance technicians and flight crews identify, diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

SmartFix Plus is the solution for your Bombardier Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft maintenance needs.

The tool is designed to familiarize operators with aircraft systems operation and provide fault isolation procedures in an easy-to-use, web-based format.  The program incorporates high-quality visuals and can be accessed via a PC, laptop or handheld device making it an ideal solution for technicians and flight crews requiring mobility.

SmartFix Plus offers several unique features designed to optimize work flow for technicians and flight crews:

  1. Enhanced system descriptions
  2. Troubleshooting recommendations for Crew Alerting Systems (CAS) messages, annunciators, Central Aircraft Information Maintenance System (CAIMS) messages, MDC fault equations and observed faults, as well as plain English descriptions for CAS, CAIMS messages, fault logic and troubleshooting hints and tips
  3. Detailed component locators using high-resolution images and aircraft diagrams
  4. Operational hints and tips for flight and maintenance crews covering common aircraft tasks and dispatch issue rectification measures
  5. Routine updates for the latest information