SmartPubs Application

SmartPubs is a versatile, easy-to-use application, based on the Adobe Acrobat platform that includes a series of customized features specifically designed for your aircraft manuals. It is available as a desktop, network and web application for all Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft.

SmartPubs offers several key features to optimize access to the technical information for technicians and flight crews:

Format and presentation of the screen display, printed output and hard copy manual are identical

  • Basic and advanced search functionality provides effective and efficient searches
  • Hyperlinking between documents enables quick and easy movement through the collection
  • Cross-book relevancy linking enables instant navigation to the same section in other manuals
  • Dynamic Temporary Revision (TR) system automatically manages TR data, eliminating paper dependency
  • Intelligent Wiring Diagrams provide the ability to highlight, navigate and redline
  • Ability to view the manuals on the iPad, including Wiring Manual rendering of the intelligent graphics
  • Ability to perform application and configuration updates via the web
  • Compatibility with the most common internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)