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Challenger 300—Introducing the Challenger 300 MAX Program

Maximizing aircraft reliability while lowering direct maintenance costs.

Industry-leading platform. Industry-leading Program.

Renowned as one of the best all-around super-midsize business jets, the highly successful Bombardier Challenger 300 was built to deliver uncompromising comfort, performance and reliability. To reward customer loyalty and deliver on our promise to provide the ultimate product and service experience, we offer the Challenger 300 MAX Program. Beginning later this year, this innovative program reduces direct maintenance costs by providing customers with improved components; increasing fleet reliability and adding value to your aircraft.

Virtually no-cost, maximum flexibility and hassle-free

The Challenger 300 MAX Program is provided at virtually no-cost to all Challenger 300 customers. We provide you with the flexibility of having your aircraft serviced at a facility of your choice within the Bombardier network. Better still; the program is designed to fit the specific needs of your operation with all work done according to your scheduled downtime, so you benefit from maximum uptime.

Customer satisfaction always, reliability always, a Challenger always.

At Bombardier we’re proactively pursuing ways to increase your satisfaction. Through the Challenger 300 MAX Program, we’re ensuring that all Challenger 300 aircraft currently in-service deliver the same high level of reliability, performance and efficiency.


Global Series

Raising Reliability to World-Class with RIMP

The Reliability Improvement Modification Program

An industry “first” to put You First

Specific to Global operators and unique to the industry, the Reliability Improvement Modification Program (RIMP) by Bombardier is the most comprehensive program of its kind to improve fleet reliability on an aircraft platform. RIMP increases Global fleet reliability by replacing components with low mean time between unscheduled removals (MTBUR) with improved parts. Additional reliability gains come via advanced troubleshooting procedures specially designed for the Global fleet. RIMP has been a huge success with customers and since its launch; several enhancements have already been made.

An innovative program. A rewarding campaign.

The RIMP program offers a range of great benefits to operators - at virtually no cost.  To give you optimum flexibility, your aircraft can be serviced at your facility of choice within the Bombardier network. And to ensure maximum fleet uptime, our dedicated team will coordinate all service appointments as per your scheduled downtime.

Open to all Global customers

The program is virtually free and all Global customers automatically qualify. Bombardier oversees all scheduling and logistics associated with RIMP. To further increase component reliability, customers can also take advantage of SmartFix Plus, which is available at no cost for those enrolled in RIMP. The special troubleshooting recommendations provided in SmartFix Plus enable customers to diagnose and resolve potential issues with their components where they would have otherwise had to remove and replace them.