The RIMP Initiative

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Pushing ourselves to do more for our customers

It was late in 2009 when management at Bombardier Customer Services gave itself a challenge— elevate fleet reliability to world class standards. The Reliability Improvement Modification Program – or RIMP for short – does just that.

For Andy Nureddin, Vice President of Customer Services and Support, addressing component reliability issues affecting Global aircraft was the ultimate challenge for the ultimate aircraft. He believed that if Bombardier wanted to put its customers first, his team needed to do something bold - something no other aircraft manufacturer in the industry had done before.

With the help of several groups within Bombardier and numerous suppliers, an ambitious program was designed to achieve that goal. Bombardier would handle all scheduling and logistics, and the company took the bold step of offering the program to its Global customers for free.

In March 2010, RIMP took off.

A dedicated team makes sure RIMP increases Global fleet reliability by replacing components with low mean time between unscheduled removals (MTBUR) with improved parts and enhanced troubleshooting procedures.

RIMP is being undertaken in two phases. The first phase targets the replacement of key components in order to bring the Global fleet to the baseline reliability level of current production models. The second phase will replace additional components and elevate Global fleet reliability to world class standards.

“We are very satisfied with the RIMP upgrades. We have not had any issues with any of the components installed in the first phase of the RIMP initiative. This is a good proactive program that will save the operators and Bombardier unnecessary downtime and costs. It is a breath of fresh air to see the common sense approach to this program.” - MP Air Inc.

The program was an instant success with customers and thanks to their feedback during the course of the first phase of RIMP, there were several enhancements made to the program. Additional features were added, some at no cost, and other optional upgrades were offered at a significant discount exclusively for customers enrolled in RIMP. In addition, special troubleshooting procedures for RIMP components were developed and incorporated into the SmartFix Plus troubleshooting tool.

Today, two years after its inception, nearly 400 Global aircraft have benefitted from RIMP upgrades with over 4,000 components installed in the fleet. The combination of improved components and better troubleshooting has polished its reliability.

For 2011, RIMP has made available a 5-hour increase in Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal (MTBUR) for the Global flee by adding 14 additional components, and 23 additional SmartFix Plus troubleshooting procedures to RIMP. As RIMP continues to build momentum, the team has also begun investigating 30 additional components for consideration in the 2012 RIMP scope. Despite the scope of a program like RIMP, it has been an overwhelming success for Bombardier’s Global customers and is one of the many examples how Bombardier puts its customers first.