SmartFix Plus iPad App: The Best Troubleshooting Tool Gets Even Better!

At Bombardier Technical Publications, we constantly strive to improve your manual experience through the innovation of better, more convenient publications and applications. As such, we are pleased to inform you of the official release of the SmartFix Plus iPad app. 

You will now have access to the most advanced troubleshooting information right at your finger tips. As a special promotion, we are offering the SmartFix Plus iPad app as a free download until June 1, 2013! To take advantage of this limited time offer and to get acquainted with SmartFix Plus, please visit the CIC website and click on the Technical Publications banner on the homepage. During this special promotional period, customers currently participating in the trial version of the SmartFix Plus iPad app will automatically be upgraded to the official release. In addition, the SmartFix Plus iPad app will also be provided free of charge with all flight manual subscriptions to the Bombardier Flight Deck application.

The official release of the SmartFix Plus iPad app is currently available on the Learjet 45/45 XR, Learjet 60 XR, Challenger 300, Challenger 605, Global Express, Global Express XRS, and Global 5000 aircraft. It will be available on the Global 5000 with the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck and Global 6000 later this year.

Bombardier Flight Deck application: A Constant Evolution

New addition to the family!
As part of our plan to progressively expand our publications offerings, we are pleased to introduce the Learjet 60 flight manual collection to our Bombardier Flight Deck application product line. This milestone adds first-ever Learjet support to the Bombardier Flight Deck iPad app, which is currently available for Challenger 300, Challenger 604 / 605 and Challenger 850 aircraft, as well as the Global family of business jets.  The release of the Bombardier Flight Deck app for the Learjet 40/40 XR, Learjet 45/45 XR and Learjet 60 XR products is expected in March 2013.

Bombardier Flight Deck application upgrade: New look, enhanced features! Click here to view all the new features.
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