No Fault Found / Dead on Arrival

When you receive a part, you expect it to work. It’s that simple. Bombardier Customer Services, along with our Parts Services Organization, is taking serious action to deal with compromised reliability related to No Fault Found (NFF) / Dead On Arrival (DOA) aircraft parts. To do so, we implemented an aggressive plan to reduce the number of DOA and NFF occurrences.  We are holding ourselves accountable to make sure the parts you receive from us function as they should. We guarantee it. Our commitment is to reduce the incidence of DOA occurrences by 20% and improve the Top 10 NFF components to below 25 %, by year end. The key to achieving this target includes focus on the following initiatives:

  • Technical focus on Top 10 NFF parts for each platform
  • Stringent NFF/DOA criteria to manage Suspect and Rogue units
  • Introduction of a DOA follow up process
  • Inventory purge of high traffic DOA parts
  • Special Attention Plans with Top 3 Suppliers
  • System enhancements for the on-line MRA, identification and tracking of Suspect and Rogue units

Re-circulating NFF parts is an industry-accepted practice. What is not acceptable are the higher DOA incident rates that accompany NFF parts — a situation often outside of Bombardier’s control. But we are not hiding behind that excuse. 

Putting you first means holding ourselves accountable for our commitments and as such, we guarantee to:

  • Pay for shipping and labour costs related to DOAs through the warranty claim process
  • Pay for shipping and labour costs if our Field Service Representatives or if our Customer Response Centre recommends to change a part which doesn’t end up solving the original failure event through the warranty claim process
  • Void restock fees for parts “confirmed unused” in an AOG (Aircraft-On-Ground) situation if identified as such on the Material Return Authorization (MRA)

We are committed to providing you with reliable parts – anytime, anywhere – making You our priority. For more information, or to share your comments on our NFF/DOA improvement plan, feel free to contact Derek Thurman at