Parts Satisfaction Guarantee

Another key milestone has materialized on Bombardier’s mission to boldly improve our parts performance – one of many initiatives we have taken to put You First.  We are committed to reduce the incidence of No Fault Found (NFF) parts and Defective on Arrival (DOA)—becoming the first OEM to tackle this industry-wide issue. Now, we reshape the rules of the game once more with another industry first – a Parts Satisfaction Guarantee.

Addressing this key customer irritant is a reflection of Bombardier’s ongoing commitment to put our customers first. We are taking concrete actions to ensure customers’ satisfaction with a straightforward and unprecedented guarantee that covers common issues our customers face when receiving a DOA part or during an AOG.

Should a replacement unit be needed to replace an original part found DOA, Bombardier will refund the shipping and labour charges – guaranteed.

If a Bombardier-recommended part doesn’t fix a fault and is deemed unnecessary, we will absorb the labour and shipping costs incurred to return it.

Bombardier Customer Services is committed to raising the bar for parts performance. With ongoing efforts to eradicate compromised reliability due to NFF components – in combination with a dependable guarantee – the mission to win customers’ trust, loyalty and satisfaction is more attainable than ever.