Fort Lauderdale Service Centre

Established February 1995, this Bombardier-owned Service Centre is located in "The Venice of America;" the gateway to South and Central America.

Contact Information

4100 SW 11th Terrace
Ft. Lauderdale International (FLL) Airport
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
Main Number: 954-622-1200
24 Hour Hotline/AOG Support:


Airframe - Heavy, full capabilities including major mods/STCs structural repairs and full line services.
Avionics - Full on-wing avionics capabilities including major mods and STCs plus full line service.
Engine/APU - engine capabilities include MPHI/HIS and full line service.
Interior - Full refurbishment, completion and line service capabilities, including complete reconfiguration of cabin interior.
Line Service - Full services available.
Engineering - Support, facility has engineer(s) on-site to support maintenance and modifications. Sheet metal repair


EASA, Bermuda, Cayman, Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela

Management Team

Don Horn
General Manager
Office: 954-622-1203
Cell: 954-295-5388
Jim Reid
Operations Manager - Challenger/Global
Office: 954-622-1174
Cell: 954-290-7281
Richard Meilert
Project Manager – Challenger/Global
Office: 954-622-1222
Cell: 954-328-8662
Efrain Villafane
Project Manager - Challenger/Global
Office: 954-622-1223
Cell: 954-789-8962
Richard Policicchio
Project Manager – Challenger/Global
Office: 954-622-1178
Cell: 954-299-7761
James Flynn
General Supervisor – Challenger/Global 1st Shift
Office: 954-622-1222
Cell: 954-328-8662
David Tier
General Supervisor – Learjet/Challenger/Global 2nd Shift
Office: 954-622-1223
Cell: 954-789-8962
Dean Mullins
(Interim) Master Scheduler Planning Supervisor
Office: 954-622-1282
Cell: 954-205-5578
Errol Barnett
CH/GEX Project Analyst
Office: 954-622-1207
Al Cabrera
CH/GEX Project Analyst
Cell: 954-218-2643
Darrell Bryant
Learjet/Challenger Project Analyst
Office: 954-622-1240
Sorrell Clare
Challenger/Global Project Analyst
Office: 954-622-1215
Eugene Wallace
Operations Manager - Learjet
Office: 954-622-1218
Cell: 954-205-9046
Mark Hintz
Project Manger - Learjet
Office: 954-622-1164
Cell: 954-649-5875
Kalas Burkule
Project Manager – Learjet
Office: 954-622-1411
Cell: 954-789-9818
David Taylor
General Supervisor – Learjet
Office: 954-622-2183
Cell: 954-895-3249
Ed Reyna
Interim Supervisor Weekends
Cell: 954-547-2641
David Tier
General Supervisor – Learjet/Challenger/Global 2nd Shift
Office: 954-622-1223
Cell: 954-789-8962
Unscheduled Maintenance
Jim Moore
Operations Manager- UMT
Lloyd Bender
Project Manager – 1st Shift
Office: 954-622-1217
Cell: 954-547-7596
Steve Plante
General Supervisor - 2nd Shift
Office: 954-622-1216
Cell: 954-770-0678
Bob Hess
General Supervisor - Weekends
Julio Alonso
Quality Assurance Manager
Office: 954-622-1209
Cell: 954-205-8277
Tony Holmes
Material Support Supervisor
Office: 954-622-1205
Cell: 954-547-4217
Jennie Lewis
Lobby Receptionist
Office: 954-622-1201
Barbarba Livingston
Lobby Receptionist - Weekends