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Protect your budget and effectively manage your aircraft parts and maintenance costs knowing you're backed by one of our Smart Services cost per-flight-hour programs.

7 Million flight hours
1,400+ aircraft enrolled
30+ years of experience
0 Management fees

Improved Budget Predictability, Greater Peace of Mind

With a growing portfolio of innovative cost per-flight-hour plans, Smart Services* provides budget predictability and cost protection for operators of eligible Learjet, Challenger or Global aircraft, so you’re better prepared for the unexpected.


Backed by Bombardier

  • Cost coverage on exchanges and repairs of airframe system components including  flight deck avionics
  • Virtually seamless point of sale coverage between aircraft warranty and Smart Services coverage
  • 24/7 Parts Services support with extensive parts distribution network 
  • 2-year Bombardier parts warranty

Comprehensive Coverage
From coverage on exchanges and repairs of airframe system components to flight deck avionics, Smart Services provides you with beneficial cost control on a wide range of components all for a simple, monthly flight-hour fee.


Smart Services Advantages

  • 100% of flight-hour payments go directly to the applicable Smart Services program for the enrolled aircraft.  Flight-hour payments are not diluted by management fees.
  • Virtually no claims required with convenient point of sale coverage for the majority of covered component orders.
  • Pre-purchase inspection findings on covered components can be eligible for coverage if the aircraft was already enrolled at time of inspection.
  • Fewer unknowns at aircraft resale for potential buyers.
  • Longest running program experience on Bombardier products.


A Helping Hand

Our approach is simple: We will inform you of the benefits and program choices suitable for your aircraft and let you choose according to your flight operation needs.  From program enrollment to aircraft resale, you will be supported by a friendly and experienced team to help you along the way. With this personalized approach, we have enjoyed renewal rates of over 92% in these Smart Services programs.


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Speak with a Smart Services representative today about enrolling

Sales – Smart Services, Components & CR&O: +1-514-855-7270

* Services and/or support may be provided by Bombardier or its subsidiaries or affiliates or third party as designated by Bombardier at Bombardier’s discretion.  Certain exclusions apply


For parts ordering information or to place a parts order please contact Parts Services at:

Toll Free: 1-866-JET-0247 (1-866-538-0247), option 5
International: 1-514-855-2999, option 5
Fax: 1-316-946-2700

Challenger & Global
Toll Free: 1-866-JET-1247 (1-866-538-1247), option 2
International: 1-514-855-2999, option 5
Fax: 1-514-855-2736

For information on your existing Smart Services Agreement such as for :

  • Online setup for flight-hour reporting
  • Flight-hour billing inquiries
  • Program re-enrollment at contract expiration
  • Program procedures at aircraft resale
  • Your contract coverage and enrollment status
  • General program inquiries

Smart Services main line 1-514-855-7766