Smart Parts Preferred

Our newest and best parts protection program under Smart Services, Smart Parts Preferred builds on the popular Smart Parts Plus program with added coverage, long term price guarantees and additional resale features.

Many Bombardier business aircraft models are eligible for Smart Parts Preferred enrollment at new delivery starting in 2013.

Smart Parts Plus

Smart Parts Plus expands coverage over the original Smart Parts program with additional airframe system component coverage and transferability at resale for certain Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft.

Smart Parts

Launched in 1986 as a first in the aviation industry for airframe systems coverage, Smart Parts is the original program in Bombardier’s family of Smart Services cost-per-flight-hour plans. Smart Parts provides convenient cost-per-flight-hour protection against unexpected airframe system parts expenses.

Certain Bombardier Challenger 601 aircraft under 20 years of service are eligible for Smart Parts enrollment consideration.

Smart Maintenance Plus

For customers of newly delivered aircraft planning to routinely use our Bombardier-owned Service Centers and certain Authorized Service Facilities, Smart Services includes Smart Maintenance Plus in its portfolio of program offerings.

This program features the same component coverage as Smart Parts Preferred and adds labor coverage for scheduled airframe inspections as well as other tasks specified in the final Agreement.

Customers may continue under the Smart Parts Plus program at the end of the Smart Maintenance Plus term.

Cabin Systems Coverage

Expanded Coverage for Cabin Systems
For new deliveries on select Bombardier business aircraft models, customers may choose to add expanded cabin systems coverage to their Smart Services program for an additional flight-hour rate premium.

Coverage extends to certain Cabin Systems following expiration of the initial cabin warranty.

Engines and APUs

Engine and APU Coverage
Guesswork for budgeting engine and APU maintenance is a thing of the past with the engine and APU OEM maintenance plans available for your aircraft.

Engine and APU maintenance cost protection is an important consideration for your flight operation budget and aircraft resale benefits. Consider the strength, support and resale value OEM offerings can provide you and discuss the available options with your engine and APU OEM representatives.

Engine OEM programs:

**Rolls-Royce CorporateCare
Tel: 450-202-1313

**General Electric OnPoint Solutions

Tel: 513-552-2936

**Honeywell Aerospace Maintenance Service Plan MSP

Tel 602-365-2024

**Pratt & Whitney Canada

Tel: 1-888-479-2377 or 1-450-468-3771

Online Reporting; Monthly Utilization Report (MUR)

Smart Services’ online Monthly Utilization Report (MUR) is a convenient way for customers to report their utilization under our cost-per-flight-hour programs.

Access to the on-line flight-hour reporting tool is made available once enrolled in Smart Services.

Speak with a Smart Services representative today on enrollment details and other information

Smart Services Sales and Development: +1-514-855-7270 

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